Welcome to Openlight.io, a new and exciting software consultancy.

While there are many software consultancies out there, Openlight.io specialise in digital and architecture strategy. Our highly experienced, world class team work with our clients to review and assess their digital platform and produce a strategy paper and roadmap to help them transform the business.

Our founder, Reda Hmeid, has a track record of improving a company’s digital offering and has brought that experience and technique over to Openlight.io.

Openlight.io has three key principles; Independence, Honesty and Quality. Our clients can rely on receiving advice that is of complete benefit to them.

We work with a lot of partners that have the same approach and mindset and who specialise in niche areas. That way we can provide the highest quality service.

If you’re an organisation looking to transform your digital offering into a world class one, please get in contact today.