Why Us?

Openlight Strategy was created to provide the niche, practical, independent and ambitious technology strategies that companies large and small need.
We are recognised experts with a track record of digital strategy, architecture and delivery.

We are practitioners at heart and have a background of delivering high quality software, efficiently and effectively.

We recognise a need for low commitment, independent and world class technology strategy provided by strategists who have practical hands-on experience. We believe organisations want to be able to trust that the advice and technology strategy recommendations are not an attempt at land and expand but what is in the best interests of the organisation. And they need to trust that it can be implemented.

Our approach is one of ambition, forgoing “under promise and over deliver” for an attitude pushing the boundaries to allow our clients to reach their potential.

If you would like to talk to someone about how we can help your company, you can contact us on hello@openlight.io or contact one of our leadership team directly